featurebanner_burlesquespwfAMBER LOVE 21-MAY-2014 One of the many spectacular things I saw at the annual STEAMPUNK WORLD’S FAIR was the SMOKE & MIRRORS PEEPSHOW. This is a New Jersey based burlesque troupe founded by Attica Wilde who kicked off the performances with a splendid gilded birdcage routine. Major nods to the always delightful emcee, the Rev. Voice James Hatton for his relentless job keeping the crowd captivated between sets.

spwf 2014 amberunmasked

The other dancers listed on their Facebook page are: Vivi Noir, Ivory Askew, Miss Kitty, Taylor Sweet, Jess Distress, Esmerelda May, Dolly Dagger and Draga de Sade.

If you want to see actual photos that aren’t blurry garbage, there were pro photographers working the show (Babs Who Takes Pictures and Knightmare6). Chances are their galleries will take a while until they’re ready because they shoot hundreds of pictures and then have to edit them. Here are my craptastic shots from my cell phone in the low light. They would appear to be okay until I uploaded them and got a good look. Yep, blurry. You’ll still get the idea of just how incredibly talented and fun these women are.

Each dancer had a theme: noir, vampire, and even one that was all about a Clueâ„¢ character who used enlarged Clueâ„¢ cards the way other people use fans to tease the view of her body.

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