AMBER LOVE 17-DEC-2014 Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz stormed onto people’s radar recently when he photographed women in pinup dresses of splashed milk. He’s back and better than ever!




The technique was amazing, you had to admit, whether or not you liked his objectification of women. It’s debatable whether cheesecake and naked pinups are presented with agency or degradation. I think every piece of art can be examined since there’s no blanket definition of obscenity seems to make people happy. Regardless, Wieczorkiewicz is back and he’s bringing fans colorful liquid doused superheroes from DC and Marvel comics!

I think my favorites are Storm, Batgirl, Supergirl and Power Girl but it’s not a competition. Every one of them is pure glorious art. The Aurum Light calendars where you can get these images are not exactly the kind of prices I’m used to seeing for a photographic wall calendar. It’s £39.99 GBP or about $62 USD!




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1 Comment on The uncanny “Splash Heroes” naked pinups of favorite superheroines by Wieczorkiewicz

  1. These are great. I can’t afford it, or I’d be tempted.

    The objectification part is tricky. I’ve asked female artists at cons for their opinions, especially if they are selling cheesecake and I’ve gotten a variety of responses. These seem okay to me.

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