Sometimes you check in when you want to check out.

AMBER LOVE 12-SEP-2014 Yesterday was the first time in a month that I could remember laughing; too bad that feeling didn’t last. It has been a month to the day that I was downsized from a job I really liked. I’m doing all that necessary stuff like signing up on every job board/networking site like Linked In no matter how useless they seem to be. I sent one of those “invitations” to network to a now former superior that I got along with rather well. I was shocked he texted me immediately and then even called. It was what I needed. We never talked about the job at all except when he asked if I was already looking around. Trust me, I didn’t waste a second. When I left that office, I drove immediately over to the agency that originally placed me there and have put in a couple hours a day or more to the hunt, usually giving it my all on Mondays when postings might be new.

I also took the opportunity to crawl into bed really early last night as I tend to do if I have no plans to podcast; I turned on Netflx like usual and decided to watch a couple of stand up comedians. I certainly wasn’t slapping my knee laughing but I was chuckling quietly once in a while.

genius3-cvrSeveral days ago, I was on this great reading binge. I got so much reading done (for me), I was happy in finding something besides myself and the terrible world news to tweet about. Sidebar: get GENIUS from Top Cow. But then, as my mind tends to do, I stopped finding the drive to read. I would carry my Kindle around and even turn it on. I tried different books and comics but inevitably, the screen would go black from lack of page flipping.

The night before I had even gotten an email that seemed like something good was finally happening on a project I turned into an editor forever ago. The announcement was supposed to come out yesterday but didn’t. I haven’t seen anything today either. Meanwhile, I published my first Kindle ebook if you missed it.

So I have the shaking nervousness of waiting for that announcement, following up with job networking, and trying to get back into my favorite pastimes like sewing when… I broke my sewing machine today. Thankfully, yesterday I finished my important NYCC new costume.

headshot 091114 amberAll I wanted to do was try and make something passable as a little hobbit style cloak to cosplay as a character I love. So much for that. I’m not taking my machine in for repairs and I’m afraid of using my mother’s because I don’t want to break that too.

The only current “good” news is that the infection that somehow destroyed all of my sinuses and was giving me migraines seems to be healing. My nose is nose-shaped again but still lumpy and purple though better every day. I don’t look like I did before when it looked like my face had met a baseball bat. I even had to model like that and caked on as much Ben Nye makeup as possible.

And this is when I check my email to see, “We wanted to reach out to you in regards to your application status of Social Media Specialist. After careful review of all candidates, we have identified a candidate whose background & experience more closely match the requirements of the position.” Great. Thanks.

Since I can’t make a new costume today, visit the gallery of one of my favorites, Firestar. According to ThinkGeek it’s the anniversary of one of my favorite cartoons, Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends. I really wish that costume still fit because it always gets such a great response from Marvel fans.


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  1. That email sucks. I’ve gotten them myself, and you have to wonder what the point of the message is. Why not just simply say, “Thank you for your interest but we don’t have a position available for you at this time.” Or something like that.

    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better!

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