AMBER LOVE 20-NOV-2012 In the United States we have this ungodly tradition now of holiday sales which should be after Thanksgiving. This year they are on Thanksgiving. As a way to counter the madness at massive mall stores which are normally known for poor wages and shoddy treatment of their employees, people have banded together to shop locally at independently owned retail stores. This is pushed for the Saturday after the dreaded Black Friday. Celebrate Small Business Saturday with me at COMIC FUSION.

I’ll be signing and selling SHAKESPEARE SHAKEN, the graphic anthology of short stories based on reimaginings of the universe of Shakespeare’s fiction. This large softcover collection is $30. Please consider picking one up for yourself or as a gift for any comic book and Shakespeare fan in your life. I’ll be there from 12-4 pm. 

COMIC FUSION is fully up and running at its brand new location: 16 Turntable Junction, Flemington, NJ 07882

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