AMBER LOVE 11-OCT-2016 To sponsor this site, please go to I wasn’t going make a post about the sexual assault by Devin Faraci that was outted in the last couple days, but something got to me. “Call out culture” is a thing and it absolutely sucks that it is the tool people have to use, but it works sometimes.

On Twitter, @DevinF was having some lulz about Republican nominee Donald Trump and the “locker room” talk about grabbing pussies. I’m sure it shocked the hell out of him when @spacecrone replied directly to him and for the world to see asking if he recalled the time he did exactly that to her.

Faraci, like other men, claimed to be feminist. He claimed to be against GamerGate. His review of Batman vs Superman is one of the top hits when googling his name.

“Gal Gadot is fine as Wonder Woman, playing a character without any depth.”
Faraci, Devin. “BATMAN V SUPERMAN Review: Zack Snyder’s Doomsday.”Birth.Movies.Death. N.p., 23 Mar. 2016. Web. 11 Oct. 2016.

All I can do is eyeroll and shake my head. Wonder Woman, the first DC heroine to get any kind of decent acknowledgement in the new wave of films, is the best five minutes of a dreadful movie. That’s subjective, but I know I’m not alone in that. The reason I bring up this quote is because Faraci makes his bank on claiming to appreciate feminist media like Ghostbusters. Now, I’ll admit — feminism is not a monolith and we aren’t going to love the same things. You can look at my review of Maleficent for example.

Here’s the problem about when shitty men make feminism their brand: they do it to lure women in to a space that they will believe is safe!

When one comics writer pushed me to my knees in a hotel hallway and didn’t even have the decency to take me to his room to cheat on his wife, I stood up and walked away. I googled him after our initial online contact and that’s when I discovered a local newspaper interview where he mentioned a wife with a baby on the way. Classy guy! Later, it came out that he was a giant womanizing asshole to a lot of women in the comics scene.

When I spent YEARS believing another comics writer that he was divorced and had no kids, I thought something had to be seriously wrong if my friends kept telling me, “he wears a ring,” and “he brings his kid to cons.” So I’m not kidding that it was many years later when I got him to admit, yes, he’s married. And then he tried saying, we’re not really together, but it’s complicated and we have to live in the same house. Mind you, that confession didn’t even come out when I spent my own money to travel to see him for a weekend at a convention. All my friends could say was that they hoped he meant the things he was telling me about someday being with me for real.

Ha! Yeah, no. They never do.

These are the men that label themselves FEMINIST. They do interviews and panels talking about WRITING FEMALE CHARACTERS. They talk about how they have STRONG WOMEN in their lives. 

blah blah blah FEMALE ROLE MODELS blah blah blah

Faraci is the columnist who penned that remarkable “Fandom is Broken” piece in which he said fans shouldn’t rage about Nazi symbolism in Captain America comics until the story arc is complete. He defended the stance that the fictitious Hydra is not an easily identifiable allegory for the Third Reich (psst, it totally is). Faraci was speaking against “call out culture” where comics readers passionately felt Marvel was making a huge mistake with their iconic symbol of democracy, Captain America. He and a lot of others felt people should sit down, shut up, and back away from their keyboards.

I bet that’s exactly what he wanted @spacecrone to do all this time too.

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