Many other individuals and sites have been supportive since I launched my comic book blogging back in 2008. Please take the time to visit them and chances are, you’ll find more ways to avoid working by being on the net.

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Comic Hero News – a fantastic site for fans of the superhero genre; the latest news, weekly Diamond lists, and more.

Geek Syndicate – a gathering of like minded podcasters, comic creators and bloggers giving you a different perspective on the comic biz.

Hour42 – a fun podcast you should be listening to; they have really interesting guests and profound questions for them.

The Wonder Woman Network – this is the site run by the official Wonder Woman family! The heirs of William Moulton Marston highlight their personal collection of memorabilia, their favorite cosplaying fans, and of course comic book writers and artists

Lord Shaper’s The Furnace – more than comic reviews, there’s all sorts of intriguing coverage especially if you’re a Warren Ellis fan.

Filthy Orphan’s Blog

Comic Book Page Podcast with John Mayo and Bob Bretall

Dead Darlings – Boston writers’ group which has a stellar “novel incubation program” for writers to workshop their material with a talented group of peers.


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