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You’re here because of an old story about a woman who accused a voice actor of rape. Rather than come to my site and comment about how *I’m* ruining someone’s life, perhaps you should see the big picture of RAPE CULTURE. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. I’ve written about it extensively in regards to how sexual violence is handled in entertainment and real stories about women who are threatened by trolls with no grasp of reality.


I had permission to write the original post from Amber Frazier, the woman who accused Tom Wayland of sexual assault at Anime Boston. I left the ball in her court after we exchanged emails, inviting her to come on Vodka O’Clock if she’s ever comfortable talking about what happened. Since those emails a long time ago, I haven’t heard back.

[DECEMBER 1, 2015] – Yesterday, news broke about porn star James Deen having numerous rape allegations against him. What was the response? Fans were upset and started the #StandwithStoya hashtag (Stoya, the first of his victims, also his ex-girlfriend). Stoya, Joanna Angel, and Tori Lux have come forward. Retailers pulled his videos and products off shelves. Studios immediately dropped him.

The porn industry takes women more seriously than mainstream Hollywood. If you’re not upset about the Wayland’s, Cosby’s, Woody Allen’s – because “women are ruining their lives” then you have your priorities wrong.

Rape culture is global. Victims get run through a nightmare when they come forward and it never feels like it will end. Cops and campus boards talk women out of pressing charges all the time, because “he’s sorry” or there’s no proof. It’s nearly impossible to prove because authorities have such a stunted knowledge base about the difference between sex and violence/assault. Women are coerced into sex constantly and it’s all to end it faster so they can leave. But authorities — and apparently fans of mainstream entertainment — can’t even understand that rape is not about sex.

When you come here – to MY site – and continuously submit comments telling me I’m ruining someone’s life instead of believing victims, you get sent to spam. This is not your soapbox. Tumblr is free – go start your own blog and say whatever the fuck you want.

End of story, bruh!

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