AMBER LOVE 18-JAN-2018 Am I nuts? Ok, that question is usually a resounding “yes,” but in this case, I’m actually asking.

Patreon, as with Kickstarter and other crowdfunding, was supposed to be the great equalizer. The path for people to find their audiences and grow the indie scenes of art and commentary or whatever.

I’m offput when I see famous people using Kickstarter to make their films when they already have all the success and connections to get them made. The same is happening on Patreon.

I get that Amanda Palmer will make a dime any way she possibly can and hey, it must be nice to be so popular; but she’s not the only one. Laurie Penny, noted journalist for The Guardian who already makes her income from her writing, started a Patreon yesterday and is making more than I do in a year.


penny red's 1st day on patreon


More popular people are going to be seen more; they get “featured” and they get tweeted by official accounts. They get praised for starting a bold initiative to support themselves. Meanwhile, solid creators are going overlooked. Not featured. Not retweeted. Not praised in mags with big announcements.

It feels like that douche Fox Business commentator Todd Wilemon who told people to “stop being poor” is running the show. Stop being unpopular. Stop putting out work that isn’t a best seller. Stop letting J.K. Rowling beat you in sales.

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