featurebanner_amberashley_newsAMBER LOVE 16-FEB-2013 There’s really not much I can say that I don’t cover in the video. Ashley and I did not have a good time at this convention. It was our first tattoo convention and we had high expectations especially because we had been sent press passes (which got partially revoked) and she had her appointment to get her Wonder Woman tattoo with Buz Hasson.

ashley  tattoo wonder womanThankfully, there were a few gems that saved it from being a 100% disaster. First, Philly is a far better city for convention than the New York City Javits Center. The Convention Center in Philly is convenient to several hotels, bars, parking and the Terminal Market.

Buz works on The Living Corpse comic book series and he’s an artist at the Explosive Tattoo shop in Delaware. He embraces pop culture and nerdy things. Unlike other tattoo artists, he listened to what Ashley wanted for her design and he created the concept based specifically on what she said. Other people tried to convince of their ideas of what should be permanently inked into her skin. That’s not a good sign in tattoo artist. If they are speaking to you with caution, as in, “Hey, you might not want to get your boyfriend of six months name tattooed on your face,” that makes ethical sense. But not liking a customer’s idea and changing to change their mind into something more elaborate and not really similar to their idea at all, is a bad move. Buz rocked the Wonder Woman design in which he incorporated the tiara, lasso, and symbol without the need to put a portrait of Lynda Carter on Ashley.

Also, we ran into Doctor Spookenstein and the girls of Rigor Mortis Revue. He gave me a great interview with an exclusive announcement about their appearance at the spring Exxxotica Atlantic City convention.

Finally, hats off to Pete Deluca of the Pete’s Basement show. Pete traveled from Brooklyn to Philly to make sure we were treated to food and plenty of drinks. Thanks, Pete!


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