I have four different outfits planned for New York Comic Con. Two of them are brand new costumes I just completed; one is not really a costume but it’s comfortable and themed; and one is a old favorite.

FRIDAY: I’ll be arriving in my Classy Wonder Woman attire so that I can meet with the guys from Comic Book Club and appear on their show to discuss our superhero fundraiser, Wonder Woman Day. Then I’ll get changed and debut my Love and Capes Amazonia costume. I’ll be helping out Thom Zahler at the LNC booth, #552 in the Small Press section. Friday night, I’ll be at the Geek Girls’ Network meetup with Jill the Nerdy Bird.

SATURDAY: I’ll be wearing my Firestar costume until we’re finished with the Women of Marvel photoshoot. Then I’ll get changed but I’m not sure if I’m going to switch into DC mode or if I’ll spend more time as Amazonia. At some point, I’ll spend a bit of time at the Toonseum booth, #2300. Saturday night is the Kirby Krackle concert with Comic Geek Speak.

SUNDAY: I’ll probably split the day between Ace and something else but I’m undecided. It might actually be nice to just wear jeans for a little while. I know the proper thing to do would be coordinate which costume best suits any panels I’ll attend but last time I actually missed every single panel. This year I’m interested in panels which happen to conflict with each other on Friday. If I get to DC Nation, I’d like to be able to wear my Ace costume but that’s just so unlikely.

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1 Comment on NY Comic Con Costumes

  1. Love the Ace, never seen ANYONE do it before. come to think of it I don’t believe I’v seen anyone do the Royal Flush Gang.
    There’s a good chance that Dido will ask you to come on stage. He did that with me as Darkseid and a couple of ladies dressed as a Green Lantern and the new Wonder Woman
    Above all else, Have a Blast at the Con

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