UPDATED!! Amber Love and Ashley Neuhaus 31-JULY-2012 The power of Facebook brought this bit of weird NJ news to my attention late last night. I did some searches looking for confirmation and found it this morning: a man with a “Batman type” mask was arrested outside Home Depot in Hackettstown, New Jersey.

From NJ.com:

MANSFIELD – Police were dispatched to Home Depot around 3 p.m. July 31 on the report of a man wearing a “Batman-type” mask. While in route, several concerned citizens flagged down the police car to alert them, police said.

The man was reported to be walking around the area asking people if they needed help.
Police said they found the masked man wearing black tactical pants, elbow and arm pads, and a bulletproof vest. The 23 year old was taken into custody and was found to be in possession of handcuffs as well as body armor.

He was charged with disorderly conduct and possession of handcuffs, and then taken to Hackettstown Hospital to be evaluated by crisis intervention. ~ Curtis Leeds, Hunterdon County Democrat

Strange to find the credit going to the Democrat when Mansfield Township is located in Warren County. All of the “newspapers” are owned by one conglomerate anyway. I guess all the reporters were at the Warren County Farmer’s Fair covering the demolition derby and pie-eating contest (PS, that goes on all week!).

Nonetheless, eyewitnesses (I’ll only identify as Tommy D. on Facebook) said the overweight man was dressed as Batman in a mask and suit and according to them, appeared to have a machete strapped to him. Since the police didn’t report, I think it’s safe to say the eyewitness accounts are either being exaggerated or being buried by the Mansfield Police to limit overreactions. Just days after the devastating massacre in Aurora, Colorado some fans have said there’s no reason to be more cautious than usual stating they won’t live in fear; while others have vocalized that we live in a time where homeland terrorism is very real.

Then there’s that controversial RLSH (real life superhero movement) of every day citizens donning tactical costumes and trying to take Neighborhood Watch further by actually confronting the drug dealers and other criminals. Was this New Jersey Batman one of them?


UPDATE: [Excerpts from larger article below]

A Mansfield Township man wearing a Batman-like mask and cape was arrested Tuesday after


approaching customers outside a Home Depot and asking if they needed help, according to reports. 

Matthew Argintar
, 23, of Mansfield Village, walked around the store’s parking lot, asking people if they needed help, Mansfield Township police said. The man was dressed in all black, wearing tactical pants, elbow and arm pads and a bulletproof vest underneath his clothing, police said.

...”The only thing I could think of was what happened in the movie theater,” she said. 

…Argintar was taken to Hackettstown Regional Medical Center to be evaluated by crisis intervention, according to reports. Argintar faces disorderly person and possession of handcuffs charges. Hackettstown and Washington Township, Morris County, police aided in the arrest.

…”It’s a very sick joke if that’s what it was supposed to be,” she said. “It’s not funny.” 

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8 Comments on Is this a copycat or a new RLSH in my NJ town? “Batman” arrested at Home Depot

  1. I didn’t know possession of handcuffs and body armor was illegal. And disorderly conduct is anything they want to arrest you for.
    Aurora wasn’t terrorism. It was mass murder. The Oklahoma bombing was terrorism. I don’t fear my neighbors, whoever they may be. We are terrified, but we are not being terrorized by anyone except the media.

      • I’m not overweight… Seriously I’m not.
        You guys are welcome to your opinions and all, but please don’t call me fat.

      • Welcome to my site. If you’ll read the article, I never called anyone fat. As a person who is called fat on a regular basis no matter what stage my weight was in, I am quite sensitive to that. I’ll remind you, I never said it. Read it. To quote my own writing: “Nonetheless, eyewitnesses (I’ll only identify as Tommy D. on Facebook) said the overweight man was dressed as Batman…” A guy on Facebook used that description.

  2. Right on. When your wrong your wrong. And I guess I jumped to conclusions. Sorry about that. How can I make it up to you?

    • Tell you what. My local comic shop will be moving into a new space in November in Flemington. We’ll have a grand opening and some book signings. Keep watch for the announcements and come down to meet other comic people. It’ll be in Turntable Junction near the outlets.

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