06-JUNE-2011 Yes, it’s just over two hours. There was a lot to cover when I entered the Comic Geek Speak studio in Shillington, PA. Greeted by Mike Gallagher, comic/movie expert and then joined by Jamie D. and Shane Kelly, the four of roundtabled the news of the DC Comics relaunch and digital distribution. Listen to episode 1085.

It seems that the four of us there aren’t early adapters of tech gadgets. Shane is the only one considering getting an iPad in the near future. For me, I’ve read comics in .PDF format through emailed files but I’ve never seen an e-reader before; and honestly I find them harder to read and it’s not comfortable sitting at my desk and I’m not going to bring an expensive gadget to the gym. I hear the iPad makes the comics “look better” but I voiced my concerns about switching over. Mainly it’s a financial invest I’m not able to make. Yes, my monthly issues and graphic novels take up space in boxes and on shelves. I give away about two boxes each year. I don’t even try to sell them anymore. One thing that I don’t see digital being able to replace (yet) is a signed copy of a book.

If for some reason, you aren’t inclined to listened to the show to hear what I’m looking forward to, what I’m nervous about or what I’m setting up to dislike, here’s the very basics of my opinion:

* WONDER WOMAN – I like the creative team announced. Azzarello impressed me with his JOKER book. Not a fan of the new Jim Lee costume design for her. He’s making changes to something he already botched pretty badly. The changes are minuscule but that means they don’t actually improve anything. The latest issue of WW was going great until it crossed over with the Green Lantern war. I’m not interested in reading any of the other 51 titles. I’m not interested now which is why I dropped all my GL and Bat books only kept Wonder Woman on my list. But now, I can’t understand what the hell is going on. This makes me want to drop it. Will the new DCU be just as annoying, difficult to understand and inaccessible? I’m not a lifelong reader but I’m not a new reader either. I seem to fall outside of the target market that DC is looking to reach. In other words, readers like me don’t matter.

* CATWOMAN – I’m excited! I was sad when the series ended and they dumped Catwoman in Sirens, mainly because her book was higher quality than most offered. It’s one of the two titles I name as books I want to see in the new DCU. Chances are, I’ll still wait for the trade after the #1.

* MADAME XANADU – This is the second book I said I want back. But, the caveat is that I loved what Matt Wagner created. Since everything else is getting a clean slate, if they do decide to bring Nimue back, I don’t want to see her completely overhauled.

I do vote with my wallet. I’ll continue to get TINY TITANS because it’s the best book DC publishes. I’ll get Wonder Woman and Catwoman #1 issues and decide if I like either. I’m sick of needing to read one book in order to understand another. I don’t have that problem with the titles I read from Dynamite, Image or IDW.


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