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AMBER LOVE 23-MAR-2017 The entire Farrah Wethers mystery series has been possible because of the backers at Patreon.com/amberunmasked.

There’s obviously a lot going on in the world so talking about my silly little novel feels selfish. I read some good tweets and quotes recently reminding me that humans need art. We use it for so many reasons, not just fantasy and escape. Whether it’s music, literature, painting, tattoos, whatever — it does matter, even today.

Winston Churchill quote on art


I gave myself a lenient schedule to revise Miscarriage of Justice, book three in the Farrah Wethers series. As I’ve said before, it’s entirely different than the other two which are more traditional “whodunit” crimes. In Miscarriage of Justice, readers will basically have a good idea of what’s going on or rather who to suspect, but it’s far more about the journey through the damage caused.

For the first time, there’s a deeper understanding of Farrah’s best friend and now roommate, June Cho. June needed to grow in her own character development arc and I consciously made the decision to do so slowly in book three to feel like it packed the punch necessary to bring her fully to life.

Lenore Lexington is the victim in this story. She goes through an ordeal that, while having a fantastical element or two, is quite real for many people. She’s young, naive about relationships, and vulnerable. She’s wise and mature in completely different ways.I gave some details back in July of 2016 when the rough draft was completed.

Considering how severely I’ve tortured Farrah Wethers for two books, I scaled back on her personal victimization in Miscarriage of Justice. She doesn’t get away scot-free. The effects of her traumatic experiences in the past are still haunting her. It’s not specified, but she would probably be diagnosed with PTSD. She most definitely suffers from major depressive disorder. They say write what you know; so I did.


There were a couple of huge considerations that I had for Lenore and for Farrah’s daughter Nova. I ended up not addressing them directly. First, for Nova, back in Cardiac Arrest, I considered making her gender fluid. To be honest, she could still be, but I am not equipped at this time to write a GF character well. Instead I planted one of the most significant parts of her story to be read that way if a reader wants. It’s about her name change. She was Janice Margaret Wethers and legally changed her name to a more gender neutral name, Nova Harper Wethers. There’s an alternate explanation given in Miscarriage of Justice for why she did that. Still if anyone wants to read her as gender fluid, that’s super cool with me.

Then for Lenore, I thought about making her a woman of color; I changed my mind specifically because I didn’t like the idea of the victim being a WoC; still she could be read as a light-skinned WoC if readers want. I’ve even picked out a few women and posted them to the Pinterest board.

Some days I would break from writing and work on formatting in the Word template or playing around with mock cover designs.


Total word countRevisit my daily word counts: 74,500
Started writing: March 3, 2016
Finished rough draft: July 1, 2016
(Took a break to work on NaNoWriMo 2016)
Final draft: March 23, 2017
Pub date: ???


  • Send cover template to the artist and have that made.
  • Create the digital book files in HTML. Convert to .mobi and upload.
  • Launch the book.


I organized the posts on this site so that there are tags for each book and the series as a whole: tag/cardiac-arrest, tag/full-body-manslaughter, tag/miscarriage-of-justice, tag/farrah-wethers-series.


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