I was recruited by my friend’s to go to Batman Day at Little Shop of Comics in Scotch Plains, NJ. I was simply going to go and take pictures when I realized I could piece together something that passes for Catwoman again (since I sold my old PVC suit and it wouldn’t fit anyway). I have my old Modesty Blaise spy suit and a corset. Still had a whip, the goggles, and ears (although one was floppy). It was enough for a comic shop appearance along side the Legion of Super Villains Cosplay Group. I wasn’t working with a photographer so there’s not a great deal of variety, but I wanted a couple of shots since it was a fun time out in spandex. I ran most of them through VSCO Cam filters.




Catwoman steals a necklace and the Bat is hot on her tail. Mrowr! She’s chased down an alley, has to scale a building and run across rooftops. But eventually she finds a motorcycle for a quick escape and ends back safely at home.

This is how I spent my Halloween for 2010. One of my dearest friends Jay Fife came all the way from Ohio to shoot reference pictures for his pin-up art. We did several series from Bettie Page to Harley Quinn and Rogue. It’s this Catwoman set that we did in a better setting which makes for better photos than my living room. Hopefully Jay will get to use them whenever he gets a commission for Catwoman.

Photos by Jay Fife

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