28-DEC-2011 All because I was reading the latest issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK at Comic Fusion today, I started to think about the character of John Constantine.

Back before I had a clue about HELLBLAZER and the actual character, the movie CONSTANTINE came out starring Keanu Reeves. I was able to be completely entertained by the film because I had no preconceived notions about who he was. Constantine meant nothing to me. Well, now he does and I see why fans were outraged in 2005. Reeves was a horrible choice.

My “perfect” choice would be someone far too old for the role today: none other than Michael Caine who appeases comic nerds with his portrayal of Alfred in Nolan’s BATMAN franchise. If we could make a HELLBLAZER movie with a Caine about 40 years younger than he is today, we’d have a sure fire hit on our hands.

This lead me to thinking about MADAME XANADU. Going into the “new 52” of JLD, Xanadu was my favorite Vertigo character, close second by Delirium. I love Matt Wagner’s run on the solo Xanadu series. It was brilliant. Thus, I was pissed off when I heard she was being rolled into this hodge podge DC was calling JL DARK. I understand they wanted all their magical characters together but she and Constantine were fine where they were, bouncing around the DCU with occasional involvement in the lives of other characters. The new series has not won me over. It’s been on the chopping block for me for the past two issues but with the Enchantress/June Moone story arc wrapping up soon, I’m hanging on to it… for now.

And before you think I was finished, I drafted a soundtrack too.

So who would I cast? Check out my ideas below and post your comments!


He's THE MENTALIST and he's charming, good looking, and charismatic. Stick a cigarette in his mouth and I guarantee you'll agree with me that he's the perfect Constantine.

I didn't want to go the "teen heart throb" route but I know as the creator of the original graphic novel EVERLAST, CMM has found a brand new break-in of success within comics. I didn't want to like him... then I google searched and found this image and thought, yes, possibly a Constantine right there.

She plays Divya on ROYAL PAINS and from the list, you'll notice I watch a lot of USA/NBC Networks.

I just had to fit her in somewhere!

The human body is not meant to move as his does. He defies gravity, physics, and everything else sciency. In fact, I don't think he's human.

He was seriously sexy on ANGEL and now he's been a steady bad boy with mad merc skills on LEVERAGE for years.
I'm sorry but there is no second choice for this. From the moment I saw Shade in JLD, there was only one person in my mind and it was Taylor Kitsch. It's as though the artist was using him as a model for each panel.

Most known from THAT 70s SHOW but I'm only familiar with her from guest appearances on CASTLE and HOUSE.

Sure, she was everybody's favorite Borg back in the day but she rocks in her role as Chief Medical Examiner on BODY OF PROOF.

She played Sheldon's smoking hot twin sister on THE BIG BAND THEORY.

You may recognize her from USA's FAIRLY LEGAL show. Seriously, google image her and you'll thank me...after a couple hours by yourself.
Not part of the team but prominent in the series:DOVE and JUNE MOONE
DOVE I wouldn't mind seeing portrayed by BREA GRANT
Maybe it's because Brea's white hair is iconic but it's also that she's a big ol' nerd. She's a comic creator as well as an actress.

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  1. Love your picks. I think you’re dead on with Simon, Reshma (Go Hankmed!), Laura (I just want to see her in more things), Taylor, Sarah, and Brea. Which by the way if you like Sarah in Fairly Legal look up episodes of the show “Life”. I believe it only ran for a couple seasons on NBC, but damn it was good. And yes, she’s freaken yxes.

    Of your two choices for Deadman I gotta go with Christian. Nothing against Tatum, I just love Leverage and that man is a beast. The episode where the little girl he’s watching at the carnival gets kidnapped and he gets her back shows you DO NOT get on his bad side.

    My only thing is, they’re both too big. Physically. Boston was a trapeze artist and he’s always been drawn kinda leaner. Even when he came back in Brightest Day. Me I’d go with someone like David Tennant. No, not just because I’m a huge Whovian, but because he’s got more the build. Lean, lanky, yet muscular and tone. That and Boston has more of that Peter Parker wise-ass nature about him that I don’t see Tatum or Christian pulling off that great.

    Other than that, fantastic article.

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