01-MAR-2012 Every fan of pop culture knows actor GEORGE TAKEI from his long career in show biz. He launched his own IndieGoGo campaign seeking $50,000 to produce a stage musical called ALLEGIANCE. The goal was surpassed and over $80,000 has been pledged to bring ALLEGIANCE to the theatre. The campaign still has four days left if you would like to contribute.

President Roosevelt signed the order to force Japanese-Americans into internment camps. The Takei family was among those living in stables like livestock for no reason other than ethnicity. American-born and it didn’t matter. They looked like the people who bombed Pearl Harbor and that was enough cause for the President to bypass due process.

The Old Globe non-profit theatre in San Diego, California presents ALLEGIANCE, the musical to set about educating people about this dark time in American history.

Takei and his partners in ALLEGIANCE hope to eventually bring the show to Broadway. The first performance in San Diego is scheduled for September 6, 2012. All donations of the IndieGoGo campaign will go directly to the Old Globe Theatre.

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