VODKA O’CLOCK 2023-04:

Jeremy Whitley

The Dog Knight

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cover: Frankie holding up a sword with three dogs on either side.

On this episode of the podcast, comic book writer Jeremy Whitley is back and he’s got a new graphic novel coming out called The Dog Knight. The art was by Bre Indigo with colors by Melissa Capriglione Pagliucci. When Macmillan approved the concept of the book, Jeremy said it was important that they find a non-binary artist for the line art and designing the characters. Macmillan came up with a list and they agreed Bre Indigo’s style fit this story well.

Frankie wearing the dog helmet and using the special dog whistle.

Frankie is a bi-racial non-binary child being raised by their mom, Diane, a black lawyer. Diane is also really into physical fitness. When Frankie comes to the aid of a dog in park, surrounded by bullies, Frankie is the one who ends up knocked up. They wake up at the Omniversal Doghouse. This is where things get surreal. Gremlins are real and the Dog Knight can stop them.

left panel: Frankie coming through trees in the woods. A dog says: Come down this way. We've got a camp. Frankie: Wow, you guys are really back here. Right panel shows Frankie surprised to see five dogs in the woods. Dog: You're safe here. Feel free to take a load off.

The Pawtheon send Frankie through trials in order to become the Dog Knight. The dogs are associated with particular traits:

Omnidog, all dogs in one
Loyalist, champion of loyalty
The Good Dane, champion of kindness
Legal Beagle, champion of honesty
Dowg, champion of stubbornness
Yorkshire Terror, champion of justice
Platinum Retriever, champion of smell

Left panel: Frankie petting a collie on the sidewalk. Caption: It's good to know that. human or dog or...whatever. Right panel: Frankie at the front door of the house. Caption: Somebody adores you for the things about you that are on the inside.

Jeremy and I discussed the obstacles transgender people can face in the U.S. including school acceptance, fashion choices for body shapes, state legislature, and pop culture influences.

Protip: If you make a mistake with someone’s pronouns or name, don’t make a big show of embarrassment about it. Say you’re sorry and move on with the conversation as you correct yourself.



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