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As an introduction to one of Erica’s new projects, THE DEADLIEST BOUQUET, we reflect on influential media like Charmed, Singles, Clueless, and the #MeToo movement. This comic will be an OGN of five chapters which could have been issues, but are going to be released in one volume instead. The Hawthorn sisters Rose, Poppy, and Violet converge back at their family home to investigate their mother’s murder. Their mother, Jasmine, was a Nazi fighter.

The book is primarily set in 1998 but will feature flashbacks to get to know Jasmine and the grandparents. Erica talked about how in 1998, the world was preparing for the “Y2K Apocalypse” which didn’t happen the way people expected; yet in 2020, it sure did and now we have the experience of it. Another story element that comes into play setting the story in the 1990s is that characters don’t have smartphones in their pockets to give them every answer quickly.

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What is convention life going to be now while people are still in the process of being vaccinated for COVID-19? This is a big subject Erica and I discussed because of our location in New Jersey. Plus, huge shows like NYCC involve attendees from all over the world.

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We wrapped up talking about the benefits of having a great editor. THE DEADLIEST BOUQUEST is a mystery so this is a specific style of writing. This was originally a three-story book, but has been reworked to focus on the daughters and get enough of the ancestor’s past to appreciate where the three girls have come from.

THE DEADLIEST BOUQUET will run on Kickstarter in May.

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Don’t forget to buy Erica’s other comics like Legacy of the Mandrake, Forgotten Home, and Strange Tails. We were both in Insider Art too!


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