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Making Comics:

Maria Candelaria has been making indie comics for years through great small press publishers like 215ink, Red Stylo Media, Grayhaven Comics, Alterna, Action Lab: Danger Zone, and others. To make up for lost time, Mario and I talked for a good 90 minutes about making comics and what’s going on the industry. Learn why we don’t use the word “aspiring” to describe our writing careers. Hillary Duff

Staying Healthy:

Both Mario and I agree that the key to good health is work/life balance. There are some scary tweets out there about people — usually artists — having to work for 16 hours a day or staying up all night to meet a deadline. First of all, writers, DON’T do this to your creative team. We’re talking about putting the penciller/inker, color artist, letterer, and production staff at DEFCON 1 in order to meet deadlines. Frankly, it’s a shitty thing to do. And Publishers, if you have to miss a deadline, it’s much better to apologize for a delay than to lead your under-insured teams into medical crises.   @jhickman tweet   Mental health and how abusers come back into the industry without apology — or technically, they don’t even disappear like a latent virus. On this we discussed Roc (now going by John) Upchurch, Eric Esquivel, and Eddie Berganza.

Comic Reading Recommendations:

  • Oblivion Song by Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo de Felici (Image Comics)
  • Killadelphia by Jason Shawn Alexander and Rodney Barnes (Image Comics)
  • X-Men — Mario’s favorite long-running series and franchise.
  • Forgotten Home by Erica Schultz with artwork by Marika Cresta, coloring by Matt Emmons and Jackie Von Spanks, lettering by Cardinal Rae and Natasha Alterici covers.
  • On the Stump by Chuck Brown, Prenzy, and Clayton Cowles (Image Comics)
  • I Can Sell You a Body by Ryan Ferrier and George Kambadais (IDW)
Mario admits basically any story that relates to his hometown of Philadelphia will pique his interest.

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