Photo of Daniel Strickland by Jennifer Robicheaux

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On the show for the first time, DANIEL STRICKLAND who came on to talk about his freelance art career. From his time as a child going to comic cons and being starstruck by the founders of Image Comics to his early art years at SCAD up to his current projects. He praised SCAD for their gender equality approach to welcoming female students to the sequential art program.

Daniel Strickland art

Daniel answered questions about his art process working still on paper with ink, the types of pens, and when he’s comfortable working digitally.

Managing all the various social media feeds is cumbersome, but you can probably find Daniel on whichever one you prefer. He participates in Inktober, the October challenge to show off inked sketches. We propose a month to celebrate lettering like Typetober or something.

Daniel Strickland sketch

Daniel is based in Louisiana and fortunate to find a blossoming arts and entertainment industry there. He’s worked as a storyboard artist on two films so far, Vincent N Roxxy starring Emile Hirsch and Zoe Kravitz (Tribeca Film Festival) and Ambition (hopefully released in 2017).


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