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Jesse and I opened the show talking about the hack and doxxing of actor Leslie Jones. As the actor that received by far the most hate for the Ghostbusters reboot, Jones has gone above and beyond the call of duty in maintaining her dignity and not quitting social media all together. The hackers went after her website, her personal data, and shared illicit photos. Where are the other actresses from SNL or Ghostbusters? People are asking. Ghostbusters director Paul Feig has spoken out in her defense both times she’s faced the wrath of the internet.

What’s it like then for a male feminist online? Jesse explained his brief time using a female character as his avatar and some of the base insults he’s been called. The common one is “cuck” – of course because obviously any man who believes in the importance of female and non-binary characters is the same as a cuckold (a submissive man who who watches his wife have sex with other men).


We discussed Twitter’s newest attempt at curtailing harassment (and how it’s not enough) with the “quality filter” setting and the opportunity for all users to go through blue check verification.

We also talked about the change in fan clubs for criminals and alleged criminals that are allowed to exist on social media platforms much the way in the old days when people wrote to prisoners. Are younger people joining these groups online to be edgy or are they brainwashed?


Jesse has been using Twitch TV for about a month for live streaming his gaming. I had the most basic understanding of Twitch from hearing about it when it began and then they were bought out by Amazon.
At the moment, Jesse primarily uses his streaming to connect with friends so he hasn’t faced harassment there.

I got to ask the most basic questions about the operations of hosting a channel on Twitch.

I got to meet Felicia Day on my birthday in 2015 and her memoir gets into the period of her life when she was addicted to World of Warcraft. By the end of the book she finally, with obvious hesitation, talked about her experience with harassment in gaming and the notorious G4merG4te (sorry, trying to avoid searches here) movement against women in gaming.


If you’re not a target of the harassment du jour, what can you do? Jesse says he doesn’t usually put his own voice into the mix on days when it’s particularly volatile; instead, he opts for signal boosting marginalized voices.

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