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AMBER LOVE 09-FEB-2015 Today’s episode of VODKA O’CLOCK features guest TESS CRAFT who shared her personal story of living with Fibromyalgia. Tess was diagnosed while she was established in a social work career and found that the absenteeism and burdens on coworkers contributed to her dismissal. She moved into the entertainment industries which provided different demands and schedules allowing her to enjoy life to a new degree.

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“The more stressful my job got, the worse it got.” ~TC

You’ll hear Tess’ deeply personal story about giving up on a career path for which she was passionate and committed. Fortunately, she discovered a new path that gave her freedoms she didn’t expect. Not only was her schedule and work environment completely changed, but she landed in an industry where personal expression is lauded.

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In the creative fields, Tess finds that people have more compassion and empathy regarding life experiences. While the content of things like comic books are not necessarily relatable to Tess and her Fibromyalgia specifically, she finds some situations of characters sympathetic, like X-MEN’S Rogue and her desire for happiness versus her super powers and their strengths.

Tess also discussed her connection to Detroit as not just a resident but as a person who believes in the potential of the city.

“There’s such heart and commitment to keeping it alive, that I can’t help but be awed by it.” ~TC

Accepting her own body image and ability to be expressive are things that she would go back in time to tell her younger self about. She says it took to nearly 40 years of age to figure this stuff out.

Because she has the right doctor for her, Tess received care that doesn’t only address symptoms or an illness and instead has a more holistic approach addressing all her needs.


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