featurebanner_cunningminxAMBER LOVE 28-MAY-2014 This week’s Vodka O’Clock Podcast my returning guest is the sex educator and PolyWeekly Podcast host, CUNNING MINX. We talk about things like relationships and maybe some sex so if you’re under 18, you’ve been warned, you should check out scarleteen instead. Previously we discussed incorporating your geek life with your sex life. This time we talk about Minx’s new book EIGHT THINGS I WISH I’D KNOWN ABOUT POLYAMORY (BEFORE I TRIED IT AND FRAKKED IT UP). Listen here about not only some of the polyamory topics but about taking a lecture, turning it into an ebook, and self-publishing. Minx’s new ebook is very accessible whether someone is poly or monogamous or no idea what they are.

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“One of my sayings is: What Would Monogamists Do? The same rules of communication, kindness and consideration apply.” ~Cunning Minx

8-things-cover-fingers-187x300Minx even shares her awkward moment when she called into a radio show to discuss threesomes. When asked, “Well what do you do in the morning?” She chuckles and says, “Make them breakfast. You treat them like a person.”

Everyone defines kink or “vanilla” differently, just like with what defines a polyamory relationship. There’s a spectrum. Plus, what the mainstream entertainment/media show us about sex and polyamory (and relationships) can color your own vision into thinking you’re doing something “wrong.”

“The truth is that realistic polyamory is boring. It is people living their lives. It is not good TV.” ~Cunning Minx

When her classes on “8 Things” were quickly standing room only, she realized she was onto something. By using her lecture notes and PowerPoint slides for her outline, she had 90% of the work done: a topic that resonates, a following, and an outline.

“I never consider myself a good writer and I actually enjoy speaking a lot more than writing.” ~Cunning Minx

Minx-podcasting-headshot-2013-226x300Minx’s advice for anyone that wants to self-publish an ebook: Focus on Amazon’s Kindle then worry about everything else later. You can even change the cover or content later if you have things to update. She also gets into the details of designing her book’s cover.

Don’t forget that I’ll be attending NY Special Edition Comic Con in a couple weeks. Also, I’ll be a guest on the LGBT panel for the Boston Comic Con in August!







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