featurebanner_xiaolin_morenoAMBER LOVE 26-JUNE-2013 This is an exciting episode of VODKA O’CLOCK because CHRIS MORENO came back home to New Jersey from his fancy schmancy Hollywood life. He hasn’t forgotten all about the east coast and for that I’m grateful. It was also exceptional to be able to be in the same spot with a guest instead of using Skype. Chris creates the comic ZOMBIE DICKHEADS and works in animation. I might need to apologize for all my giggling. The restaurant actually made proper sidecars so I was a pretty happy nerd.

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These are the sorts of gems you will here in this incredible hour:

“I don’t understand how fucking magnets work.” ~CM

“For every braincell I kill, it all goes to my boobs.” ~AL

Chris discusses not only random shit but also what it’s like to be so busy that he’s working on his vacation. He did a bit of work on the THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR. He’s working on a Roddenberry Entertainment book called WORTH. And he’s also art directing for the new XIAOLIN CHRONICLES cartoon which is the new gen for XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN. He landed work at Disney Channel because of his background making comics. That evolved into concept work for backgrounds and makeup tests then animation.

“Comics is such a great training ground for all different things because you have to do so much full and complete art for it – for a comic – that all these other jobs are just pieces.” ~CM

ChrisMoreno062113The moment where my geekgasm splooshes is around the 40:00 mark when Chris discusses his appearance on CASTLE. He was a cast AS HIMSELF! Yes. That’s right. He was in the “Nebula-9” episode which mimics a real comic con or Star Trek con. ZOMBIE DICKHEADS was actually rather successful at this fake comic con.


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