This past Saturday night, the Pittsburgh Toonseum hosted an exclusive gathering of local artists to come to the first live simulcast between two Dr. Sketchy’s events.

We streamed live to New York City where founder Molly Crabapple and gang were able to somewhat interact with us. The Toonseum has a large overhead screen where artists could see the NY model Raquel and choose to draw her or the live models right in front of them which were being beamed through the internet stream back to NY.

Joe Wos, aka Pittsburgh’s “Dr. Sketchy” graciously welcomed all the artists with a lovely bar and pretty ladies to look at. There have been some  concerns that Dr. Sketchy doesn’t get enough male models for the artists to render so Joe went and bribed a drunk guy $5 from the bar next door to come and model. When Drunk Damian woke the next morning, he likely believed it was all a dream.

For me personally, it was my first official Dr. Sketchy’s since I only posed for the artists before at the Toonseum opening party which was not a Sketchy event. I did feel terribly self-conscious next to the sculpted body of producer/model Dollface Dani and the beautiful Antietam, but I managed to get through the night in my wonderkini. The always magnificent, Paige Turner, treated the crowd to a sultry striptease as a burglar then posed in her French inspired beatnik costume.

My facebook has a whole gallery and I made a highlight video on YouTube but here are a few stills from the night.

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