07-DEC-2011 COMIC-CON EPISODE IV, A FAN’S HOPE will be released in the spring of 2012.

Morgan Spurlock may be best known for his critical look at an all McDonald’s diet in SUPER SIZE ME and he’s managed to maintain a steady career since then. He’s been a comic nerd his whole life. Now Spurlock is backed by NECA and Wrekin Hill to show his unique experiences at Comic Con International in San Diego. The film is presented by Stan Lee and Joss Whedon.

As someone who has never attended the San Diego Con, I seek out a certain amount of coverage of the event while trying to avoid other coverage that only makes me sink into a vat of self-loathing and jealousy. It seems that everyone I know has rubbed elbows with the hottest pop culture stars and comic creators that should be on Forbes’ list while I sit home on the east coast and pretend I’m just fine. Honestly, the feedback about the chaos is not something that compels me to want to be there. The after con life, does. Stories of fabulous bars and parties on yachts where average bloggers can meet their favorite creators… yeah, I hear those stories every single year.

Now, I get to see what a professional filmmaker will experience. Spurlock is already a celeb in his own right so I’m not sure his perspective will be accurate to that of an average attendee. The film is being released theatrically and with a multi-city tour of small venues.

The story comes from deadline.com which also announces another upcoming film comic nerds may be excited about, Alexandre O. Phillipe’s documentary comedy THE PEOPLE VS GEORGE LUCAS.