featurebanner_drmirage_previewAMBER LOVE 29-AUG-2014 I was excited when I previewed this first issue of DEATH-DEFYING DOCTOR MIRAGE. I believe it’s the first Valiant book that I ever read. To be honest, most of their material doesn’t look like the kind of stories I’m interested in for ongoing monthly reading. This clearly had a supernatural component and then I was elated to discover, a female leading character. I know it seems like we drone on and on about female characters but there are reasons for this. People like someone to whom they can identify. This is a woman who is mixed Asian descent and is the series title character. It’s a big deal whether you’re rolling your eyes or not. But what’s even better, is that I loved the heck out it.


After weeks of anticipation, we’re proud to finally be able to share the final release of the VALIANT FIRST initiative – THE DEATH-DEFYING DR. MIRAGE #1 (of 5)! Eisner Award-nominated writer Jen Van Meter (Hopeless Savages, Captain Marvel) and artist Roberto de la Torre (Shadowman, Daredevil) — aided by colorist David Baron (The Authority, Archer & Armstrong) — have crafted an eerie, haunting, and adventurous exploration of Mirage’s journey into the afterlife as she searches for the soul of her husband Hwen. (Come for the lovelorn romance — but stay for the Nazi wizards, SoCal-style occultism, and the demon-monster chained up in the basement!) This series is a major first for Valiant on multiple levels and distinct from anything we’ve published to date — we can’t wait to find out what you think! Also arriving alongside the standard edition on Wednesday, look for THE DEATH-DEFYING DR. MIRAGE #1 PLUS EDITION – featuring 15+ extra pages of stories and artwork only available in comic book stores! Just as we did for the RAI #1 PLUS EDITION back in April, this special expanded first issue is a special thanks for our pre-order comic book store customers and includes all-new, in-continuity content that won’t be collected for the trade or made available digitally! Pick this up to discover the Golden Age adventures of Mirage’s mysterious benefactor, Linton March, in a new story by Tim Siedell & Raul Allen; delve into the desk and case files of Dr. Mirage; and research the mysterious demons and creatures of the hereafter with the Lyceum Codex by Jen Van Meter & Wilfredo Torres.

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  1. I’m a big fan of Valiant, and I’m looking forward to Dr. Mirage. Valiant has introduced a number of strong female characters, and it’s great to see a female lead.

    Thanks Amber for promoting it!

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