Czocha Castle - Wikicommons photo
Czocha Castle – Wikicommons photo

AMBER LOVE 07-DEC-2015 I couldn’t believe the headline when I saw it. I know that Universal Studios in Florida has the entire Wizarding World of Harry Potter; but I’m so amazed by the efforts of fans for setting up things like quidditch teams and now a vacation just like attending Hogwarts. Vanity Fair has all the details:

“A crafty team of determined Potter-loving volunteers transformed Poland’s Czocha Castle into the Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This November the College played host to almost 200 Harrys, Hermiones, Dracosand Weasleys of every make and model from 11 different countries for a quick study in the craft of wizarding and a gathering of the international Harry Potter appreciation society, (reports EW) [].

According to Czocha College’s website, upon arrival students at the faux wizarding college are sorted into five houses for their stay on campus—Durentius, Faust, Libussa, Molin, and Sendivogius. Czocha College isn’t just fun and quidditch, though, as students must attend classes taught by “bumbling, absent-minded professors with scant memory of their own youth to sharp-tongued young lecturers.” To finish their lessons, Czocha College students must complete their S.P.E.L.Ls (Senior Protective Enchanter’s Lifelong License), which make one of Professor Snape’s potions exams look down right easy. (The answer is always gillyweed, guys!)

Start checking the sky for owls, because the second session of the Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been scheduled for April 9-12, 2015. However, like all the best things in life, attending magical university isn’t free—in addition to airfare to Poland, the magical gathering costs 280€ ($344) to attend, but that price includes food and lodging at the castle as well as a wizard robe, books and a tie in the appropriate House color.”

I was quite fortunate in one of my early jobs. I was sent to Poland four different times to help train some employees and review processes to compare with our US office. I would weekend in Prague in the Czech Republic. Prague became one of my favorite cities to visit. I don’t speak any of the languages and got through it by dining in American chain restaurants or pointing at a menu item and being surprised. I don’t do that now that I’m vegetarian and allergic to so much. But I always a great time even though they were short visits. I never got to do anything touristy.


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1 Comment on #HarryPotter fans from Czech & Poland converted Czocha Castle into Hogwarts

  1. $344 for 3 days of food, lodging, and activities is nothing. Airfare from the US makes this prohibitive for most, but if you are in Europe, this is a bargain.

    My wife and I love Prague, one of my favorite cities. A good friend calls Prague the real city of love. I have to agree that Prague has a better vibe than Paris and it is way more romantic, feels less touristy.

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