First of all, I owe another giant round of thanks to Dave Wachter and John Hudson for producing another epic photoshoot in the backwoods of Pennsylvania! Thank you, guys! We had a blast doing two totally different themes in one very long afternoon: Cowgirl and Firestar.

Yes, “Cowgirl” is the name of a DC character which would make total sense for my usual wardrobe, but that’s not what we did. I wanted to cosplay as Pearl Rivera from Dave’s captivating webcomic, the Guns of Shadow Valley, but Pearl is half Spanish and even with my dark hair, I’m not sure anyone will buy me as Pearl; however, that was the idea. Pearl is a gun-toting trick/sharpshooter with some other extraordinary abilities (yet to be revealed entirely in the comic) and she’s clearly a girl after my own heart.

We first started with an entirely different series which was to have me modeling Dave’s new Guns t-shirt which he now carries in men’s and women’s sizes. So after we monkeyed around with fun t-shirt shots, I dove into John’s vast costume collection and was able to try many different cowgirl looks.

We finally got the chance to switch it up and so some of my sexy superhero work. I don’t have any really great pictures of my Firestar costume so I wanted to make sure I’d fit her into my 2010 schedule. I was lucky to have found the absolutely perfect shade of red-orange lingerie to go with the mask and Firestar’s flaming red hair.

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