As some of you know if you follow my Facebook and Tweets, my plans for being in San Diego at Comic-Con International were canceled due to personal circumstances. I also packed up and moved back home to NJ which has advantages and disadvantages just like anything else.

I upgraded to Windows 7 yesterday and did an absolute overhaul/clean install which wiped out all my software so I’ll be spending this week getting the pc back up and running. Hopefully that means my video editing software and GIMP, etc. will run better but I have no idea. Currently my internet speed is sucktastic and a new router should be here in five days.

Thank you for all the wonderful messages of encouragement and support during my painful transition. I want to getback into the swing of things as far as reviews go, very soon, which will be a challenge since I am back to being unemployed and don’t have a pull list; but I have trades to get through and that’s what I’ll read. Sewing will have to wait as all but two of the rooms in this house are under construction so I don’t have a place to set up my machine yet. I have big ideas though and I really want the confidence to try to pull them off.

I’ve gotten some lovely new fan art which always makes me smile and feel appreciated! Thank you, Simon!

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2 Comments on Changes in Schedule

  1. For good and bad, it is occasionally nice to be home. Confidence comes from within, but as an external reference I would say you will look great in whatever you set your mind to making.

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