Howie Noel's Anxiety Support Logo

You may recognize the name Howie Noel (hopefully you do) from my interviews with him on Vodka O’Clock. Typically, Howie and I talk about his comic “Taranormal” and all things supernatural like ghosts and urban legends. However, he has a new work in progress that’s more vital than ever to talk about and it’s called “Float.”

Howie created a website,, for and about people struggling in their daily lives because of anxiety disorders. He’s branded his own battle with “Float” complete with a kickass “beat anxiety” logo and music.

Right now the graphic novel about Howie’s life with anxiety and other components are works in progress. He plans to shop it to publishers. Closer to its completion, Howie will come back on Vodka O’Clock to talk all about this deeply personal project.


twitter @hcnoel

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