BLITMAP and Titan Comics Launch Series with Unprecedented “Every Cover is Unique” Covers Program

Blitmap, an innovative open-source science-fantasy universe, is thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated original comic. In collaboration with global publisher Titan Comics, we’re elevating the traditional comic book experience with a pioneering printing technique that turns each issue into a wholly unique piece of collectible art. Coupled with our thrilling “blind bag” reveal, every cover unfolds as a suspenseful revelation, embodying the thrill of discovery that defines the Blitmap universe. From the moment of the first issue’s release on August 30, this series promises to push the boundaries of creativity and exclusivity.

From the beginning, Blitmap has fostered a vibrant, active community by embracing the Public Domain license. Starting with an original set of 100 digital collectibles, our fans have expanded the universe with 1,700 remixes, each blending the illustration of one composition with the color palette of another. These unique pieces of pixel art serve as a testament to the boundless inventiveness of the Blitmap creators and community.

Charting new territory in the world of Blitmap, the comic series introduces readers to the thrilling saga of the Blitnauts, guardians of the Blitmaps, and the Logos, a faction that worships extinct brands. Penned by rising star Jack Timmer and brought to life by renowned illustrator Matias Basla—famed for his work on Claw and Fang and Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal—the narrative plunges readers into the riveting conflict between the Blitnauts and Logos. Set against a landscape of solarpunk vistas and an interdimensional game-like realm called The Static, a contest of courage and cunning unfolds. Blitmap invites readers to embark on an extraordinary odyssey where imagination and innovation intertwine to create an unforgettable experience.

BLITMAP #1 is on sale at comic shops on August 30, 2023 and will be available to order from the June edition of Diamond PREVIEWS, and from Forbidden Planet for UK & Europe.


Founded by Dom Hofmann, the creator of Vine, and Chris Supino, a seasoned game producer, Sup operates at the exciting intersection of community-driven creativity, immersive world-building, and cutting-edge technology that facilitates it.


Titan Comics, a Titan Publishing Group company (which includes Titan Books, Titan Magazines and Titan Merchandise) is the comic book arm of the Titan Entertainment Group, and its sister company is the pop culture retail chain, Forbidden Planet. Titan Comics offers astounding comics and graphic novels from the world’s greatest licensed properties, alongside creator-owned comic books from new and world-renowned talent and classic graphic novels re-mastered for brand-new audiences.

Titan Comics publishes a variety of genres through its imprints; Hard Case Crime (world-renowned pulp-crime publishing), Statix Press (critically-acclaimed translated comics and graphic novels), and the new Titan Manga (exciting manga and anime-based titles).

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