Amber Love 10-SEP-2012 As usual the Baltimore Comic Con did not disappoint. I only had a brief window to explore the show which meant I had to prioritize. For me that means Artists’ Alley. The booths I always recommend were busy: The Living Corpse, Action Lab, and Love and Capes. Plus I popped by Avatar Press to get a couple minutes of friendly words there too.

There are plenty of reasons that I wish I could have spent more time: the harbor, the aquarium, networking and to see friends I only see at conventions. There was no point in trying to costume since I had been in the car for four hours then a few hours at the con and then off to drinks and dinner with writers and artists. Baltimore Comic Con has become one of the hot spots for our Comics Experience reunions. Luckily, the timing for that worked out as Tir Na Nog was a sardine-packed cacophony of sports enthusiasts watching the blaring televisions. The writers and artists arrived just as the sports community moved on to their next victory or whatever.

My mission for the Baltimore Con was to collect more sketches, books, and prints from the creators who contacted me regarding their interest in helping us out for the NJ Superhero Weekend fundraiser for domestic violence. Comic Fusion’s Stacy Korn lead the charge for Ashley and I to divide up the chores and visit as many as we hoped to. I think we managed to collect 21 sketches, 4 sketch covers and around 15 prints.

Finally, another exciting moment was visiting the booths of Jeremey Whitley and Laura Guzzo who also contributed to the SHAKESPEARE SHAKEN anthology. They had the printed softcover collections at their booths. It was the first time I had gotten to see the works in print. I hope sales were good for all our sakes.

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