04-AUG-2011: Plans for the OCTOBER 2011 SUPERHERO WEEKEND (formerly WONDER WOMAN DAY) in New Jersey are in full swing! Baltimore Comic Con is a key place to meet me and Stacy Korn to drop off your art donations and ask us questions. I’ll be at the booth of artist Jake Warrenfeltz so any artist that needs to drop off art can leave it there among a couple other booths like Ken Haeser & Buzz Hasson (The Living Corpse) and Thom Zahler (Love and Capes).


Superhero Weekend is a 2-day celebration at Comic Fusion in Flemington, NJ. Oct 29-30, 2011. Activities include the comic art auction, raffles, exclusive purchases, photo opportunities with costumed heroes, and a chance to meet some of our artists.

Each year, Stacy and I attend as many conventions as possible on our meager budgets to spread the word about our fundraiser. This is the sixth year that we’re relying on the comic book community of creators, fans and publishers to help us out. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It’s overshadowed by the cancer fundraisers and it’s a subject most people aren’t willing to discuss. To read a little about why we do this, I created a post with some data about NJ’s crime statistics and real life stories.

We’re off to a great start. The following artists have already donated: Ken Branch, Mike Lilly, Tyler Kirkham, Dave Ryan, Arthur Suydam, Ethan VanSciver (though he promises me more!), Doug Baron, Bonk, and Khoi Pham.



The items in the past that have fetched the largest bids have been colored mixed media on bristol board 11 x 17. We’ll accept inked and penciled sketches, prints, signed books and original comic book pages. We prefer the subject matter is suitable for all ages, non-violent (weapons-free) and not inappropriately gratuitous. In other words, not everyone’s idea of female empowerment is T&A with costumes having thongs up the butt.

Please include: your name, mailing address, email, website and a scan of the donation if possible because we don’t have a good scanner and need a .jpg to add to all the galleries.

For the 2010 event which ended up raising $16,700, I interviewed and spotlighted several artists which you can find on my hub article. I’d love to continue this as a new tradition. It gives supporters of our cause a glimpse at who these artists are and hopefully introduces comic fans to people they may not know in the industry. If you want to take a look at all the donations from last year’s auction, the old page is still up on the 2010 Comic Fusion website. For 2011, we’ll be utilizing facebook galleries instead because it’s just so much easier than coding.


If you’re interested in being one of our costumed guests please let me know so we can start building a roster. You can  email me at amberlovescomics at gmail dot com.

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