VODKA O’CLOCK 1414 with @ckosek about #defaulttrigger #studentloans

Comic writer/artist CHRISTOPHER KOSEK the creator of THE DEFAULT TRIGGER, a cyber-noir that includes a wild conspiracy about student loan debt. Would you take a deal of working at a secret job for two weeks to pay off your student loans

VODKA O’CLOCK 1413 with artist @JK_Woodward

One of my all-time favorite artists, J.K. WOODWARD comes on the show to go over the projects on his very busy schedule.

Costume: Hughes’ “Women of DC” Wonder Woman

It’s based on the famous poster by Adam Hughes titled WOMEN OF DC and features all the popular ladies in white formalwear except dear Selina Kyle who was added after the fact so he put her in all black.

2-HOUR VODKAVERSARY SPECIAL with @andeparks & @lordshaper!

The first part of this episode Ande Parks and I go over our celebratory cocktails, his latest works including CIUDAD and his final issue of the LONE RANGER comic; Damian Smith was game for a drunkcast to celebrate his birthday. It’s about I had him on the show because he’s performed some sysadmin miracles to debug this website at times.

VODKA O’CLOCK 1411 w/ @Jeremy_Holt for Art Monster #makecomics

Every five or six months I’m able to wrangle JEREMY HOLT to talk about making independent comics. His new series ART MONSTER is available at Monkeybrain.

VODKA O’CLOCK 1410 with Dr. Drea Letamendi @ArkhamAsylumDoc

If you didn’t know about Drea’s background, she has personally consulted with comic writer GAIL SIMONE on the BATGIRL series about how Barbara’s therapist would behave and talk. Drea, herself, had her likeness used as the therapist in those issues.

VODKA O’CLOCK 1409 with @ryanklindsay about HEADSPACE

Today’s guest RYAN K. LINDSAY returns to VODKA O’CLOCK to talk all about his new series HEADSPACE available through Monkeybrain Comics. A surreal trip inside the mind of a serial killer where readers get to meet interesting characters going through their own developments. ** Mild spoilers within.

VODKA O’CLOCK 1408 with @LGwenn for the #BornDark comic

Returning to VODKA O’CLOCK is writer/model LELA GWENN who gives updates on her Nerd Bondage Projekt and her current comic book series BORN DARK which is on Kickstarter.

VODKA O’CLOCK 1407 with @jeffmach – all about EVENTS!

Returning guest JEFF MACH joined me on Vodka O’Clock to go over the basics of Wicked Faire, Voltaire’s Wicked Necrocomiccon and even a few teasers about this year’s Steampunk World’s Fair. Wicked Faire and Necrocomiccon take place Feb 21-23, 2014.

VODKA O’CLOCK 1406 with @GannonB and @BRichmond

GANNON BECK and BRYAN RICHMOND have collaborated on SPACE CORPS COMIC, a sci-fi webcomic with a space marine saga where each vignette gives a closer look into the various alien race characters.