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Bear Roots, November 1, 2018

The Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency: Year One collected case files in paperback, October 2018

Athena Voltaire: Pulp Tales volume one, December 2017 (short storyAmazon Link)

Misty Murder, September 2017

Miscarriage of Justice – A Farrah Wethers Mystery (Book 3), May 2017

Full Body Manslaughter – A Farrah Wethers Mystery (Book 2), Oct 2016

Cardiac Arrest – A Farrah Wethers Mystery (Book 1), 2016

Protectors 2: Heroes – Stories to benefit Protect, 2015 (short story)

Vodka O’Clock Noir – audio, 2015 (*free*)

Thirteen Lessons Learned About Cam Girls, 2014