19-JAN-2012 I’ve been toying with this idea of making a webcomic for a few years. I didn’t have a single focus that I could pull off successfully without a dedicated artist. I feel that if there’s an ongoing story that I have inside me that I want to share, it deserves some good art. Until I find the right partner for something like that, I’ve decided to launch my doodles into their own world and created WHEN A WRITER DRAWS.

I don’t have a set schedule for release like all successful webcomics do (SUBCULTURE  is Tuesdays and Fridays for example). I’ve had a challenging time focusing any thoughts at all, to be perfectly honest. I try to once a month participate effectively in the monthly Comics Experience Creators’ Workshop uploading and critiquing comic book scripts. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.


I talk about my depression a lot with friends and on Facebook and Twitter but I’ve become far more selective in what I put out there. I’ve been dumped because asking someone to be with me when I cry every single day takes an exceptionally strong person. I know I can’t do it for someone else. I send this out as a warning – the content of any of my comics or prose may reflect my mental state of that time.

As someone who is trying to find full-time work, I know how easily potential employers can type in a name to see how a person may or may not fit into their company. They don’t want to see people with their nip-slips and drunk-induced girl kissing. Yes, your Facebook just like your credit score, can hinder your “qualifications” for getting a job. I don’t hide much because I have some strong beliefs on that: 1.) If a company is going to judge me on my personal life when it doesn’t affect my work, then I don’t want to work for them; 2.) I’m exhausted from pretending to be one thing for a shift then get home to be something else; 3.) There are tons of stigmas with comics and costuming and I’m not above those stigmas so I shouldn’t have to pretend I come home and read Forbes or The Economist when I don’t.

This here, this is what my life is like. Take it or leave it.


WHEN A WRITER DRAWS will be a non-continuous collection of doodles that are outlets for me when the words aren’t coming or I can’t concentrate well enough to read a book or do something productive. It was invigorated when I used to draw on bar napkins, tablecloths or placemats and evolved into sketches inside my lined notebooks that are supposed to be for writing, plotting and taking class notes. I found my doodles taking over. Like my writing, the content of my comics range from all ages to adult and in between. I have no idea where this will go.

001 – 01/19/2012 LITTLE FAT GIRL

002 – 01/26/2012 PROSTATE & GALL BLADDER

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