sandman fabric
Left: Cotton Voile swatch; Right: Performance Knit swatch


AMBER LOVE 10-SEP-2014 A couple years ago, I partnered up with one of my favorite cartoonists, Bill Ellis, to make fabric using one of his sketches of Neil Gaiman’s character Delirium because none could be found on the market. That was a successful endeavor so I wanted to try something similar. Since I’m not an artist, I decided to pull some quotes from THE SANDMAN series (found on places like GoodReads) and see if it would also work on fabric. I’m happy to report that I just received samples from Spoonflower and they look great. You can get the original Ellis design of Delirium and the Quotes on a variety of fabrics in my Spoonflower Shop.

This kind of fabric is good for when you want to show off your nerd cred without being in a costume. There’s no reason anyone should feel like they are confined to geeky t-shirts usually made for male figures or fandom fashions only designed for those with perfect runway figures. If you have the talent to make your own clothing, you can have this option too.

The design is a subtle gradient black to deep purple overlaid with quotes from the popular graphic novel series, The Sandman. Tested on the Performance Knit and Cotton Voile. The Performance Knit colors and texts are more crisp and bold.

Fans of the Endless will appreciate quotes by beloved characters like Dream/Morpheus, Delirium, and Death. Quotes are fair use and not maliciously used to violate copyright.

“This is a bright place, filled with frightened people, and fast hard things that hurt and wound.”

“All cats can see futures, and see echoes of the past.”

“Desire, listen to me carefully. Remember this. We of the Endless are the servants of the living — we are not their masters. We exist because they know, deep in their hearts, that we exist.”

“For love is no part of the dream world. Love belongs to desire, and desire is always cruel.”

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