If you’re here then you know that my online home has a new name and url, amberunmasked.com. I really do appreciate all the honest feedback and suggestions that come from the online communities of friends and fans. With your votes, this new site became possible. The winning name was submitted by a fan, Scott Stafford. Scott is getting hooked up with some extra comics and pinups. Thank you!

13 Comments on The contest

  1. Brian has kinda the right idea. Your name always makes me think of Jurassic Park.

    My twist on it would be:

    “Comics Trapped in Amber”

  2. well i kinda like “Amber Unmasked” since its more of a superhero theme and it leads well into the pin ups lol. i dont know how to check if it open but its just off the top of my head lol

  3. I have to day that Amber Unmasked is pretty cool. I hate to vote for someone else’s idea – since I like winning – but it really works.

  4. Well here’s my throw in ‘Behind The Costume’
    I looked up the domain name and it is available
    behindthecostume.com is available!

    My second one is ‘Behind the Amber Pages’
    behindtheamberpages.com is available!

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