featurebanner_womanthologyspace5_reviewAshley Neuhaus 20-FEB-2013 The final issue of WOMANTHOLOGY: SPACE from IDW Publishing is out this week. I’ll be honest, as I have been in all of my reviews of this series, I’m not thrilled with it. I’ve said it before about certain issues but now that I’ve read the final issue, I can say that as a whole, the series didn’t really do anything for me. Sure there was gorgeous art and a couple of good stories but overall, I’m not too impressed and won’t be picking up the trade when it comes out. That being said, this last issue was my second favorite behind number one of the whole series.

Writer: Barbara Randall Kesel
Artist: Diana Nock
Letters: Amauri Osorio

A tale that I think most people can relate to somewhat. It’s the story of a girl when she hits that awkward phase and is taller than everyone in her class and gets picked on by her classmates. But then she gets cast in a pageant and the role she gets is perfect for her. She’s able to show off that she’s not just an awkward kid. I like this story because it helps illustrate that people may not be perfect but there is still at least one thing they can do well and shine brighter than others. Diana Nock’s colorful, cartoon-y art works well with this story.

womanthology5_zullosampleTHE WIND IN HER HAIR
Writer: Allison Pang
Artist: Chrissie Zullo
Letters: Amauri Osorio

I took one look at the first panel and said to myself “yes.” Chrissie Zullo and an airship, I’m in love. And that’s what this story is about. It’s a love story and it reminded me a little of THE MAD SCIENTIST’S DAUGHTER by Cassandra Rose Clarke. A human girl longs for something more from life and she meets an android and they change things for each other.

Zullo’s art in this story had a WIZARD OF OZ type vibe to while the story felt like THE LITTLE MERMAID but they worked so well together. This was by far my favorite story of the issue and it definitely ranks in the top three of the whole series.

Writer: Laura Morley
Artist: Sara Richard
Letters: Amauri Osorio

A man fresh out of jail is trying to start over and a comet is said to be a miracle which means change is coming so he thinks it’s perfect. But someone needs his help in procuring a few things for a mission. Things go awry when they get caught down by the pond so maybe those old townsfolk were wrong about the comet and what it means.

I liked the artwork and color palette provided by Richard’s here. It’s a story about thieves and yet it’s got a light coloring to it but that doesn’t detract from the action at all.

Writer: Cecil Castellucci
Artist: Kel McDonald
Letters: Amauri Osorio

I’m not well versed in astrology so maybe I’m not exactly understanding the characters in this one. But that doesn’t take away from what’s at the core: love and adventure. A girl breaks away from her sisters to go after the one she loves. Despite the warnings from people along the way, she still goes to him even though their warnings were of harmful things to come. She goes against the notion that they are to stay at a distance from the light and warmth.

womanthology5_coverMcDonald conveys the cold and loneliness of space along this woman’s travels very well and then one she gets closer to her “love,” the warmth and radiance reflects off her.

Writer: Kiala Kazebee
Artist: Isabelle Melancon

I really don’t know what to say about this one. I was lost. I had no idea what was really going on. There’s a school assembly pertaining to abstinence, a comet, and blasphemy all going on. I just felt very confused. The one thing that made me laugh was the final thought bubble of Glass.

There are a few great pinups in the back of this issue as an added bonus instead of a “how-to” article or back-up article.