featurebanner_womanthologyspace4_reviewsAshley Neuhaus 9-JAN-2013 This week brings us one month closer to the end of WOMANTHOLOGY: SPACE. Issue 4 of the series from IDW is released this week. I think that the first issue really set the bar high for the series because I feel as though every issue since then has gotten progressively worse. After my first reading of issue 4, I felt seriously let down and almost stupid because I didn’t understand some of the stories. I really don’t like writing negative reviews because I know people work hard to bring these stories to the masses.

womanthology space_sampleTRINKETS
Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Sally Thompson & Kathryn Layno
Letters : Robbie Robbins

This story started out with such great promise. I thought it was a bedtime story about a little girl who wanted to touch the stars so badly that she weaved herself a cape of hopes and dreams. But then it transformed into something else: a story about a thief who reminded me of Parker from LEVERAGE a little bit. And from there, Jody Houser lost me. To me, this story didn’t make itself clear. It seemed to switch plot every other page which left me feeling really stupid after finishing it because I couldn’t follow.

The art team of Sally Thompson and Kathryn Layno was the only part of TRINKETS I really enjoyed. The color palette is really beautiful. But even the art wasn’t enough to make me understand or like the story.

Writer: Devin Grayson
Artist: Lindsay Walker
Colors: Ronda Pattison
Letters : Robbie Robbins

This story was the best all-around. Like we’ve seen before in this series, there’s some sketchy stuff going on in space. But Devin Grayson doesn’t tie things up in such a neat little box. The government doesn’t get rid of all loose ends but instead enlists Lieutenant Commander Flynn Celtchair Macshay when they discover what he’s capable of.

I enjoyed Lindsay Walker’s art with heavy inks in this story. Ronda Pattison’s colors worked really well too. I like the different color palette showing Macshay’s flashbacks to what happened on the ship.

womanthology space coverDRIFT
Writer: Christine Ellis
Artist: Elva Wang

I really hate to be so negative but when I first looked at this story my brain was a bit turned off of it because of the lettering. I don’t know what happened here and why Robbie Robbins didn’t letter this story in addition to the first two. I tried to push past my dislike of the lettering because I enjoyed Elva Wang’s art.

As for the story…well, the part about death and being stuck in the moment was the only thing I really enjoyed. Otherwise, I felt like it was a bit all over the place and I couldn’t hone in on any part and follow it.

By Lois Van Baarle

This issue’s extra was a step-by-step How To from Lois Van Baarle on how she creates a digital painting. I think this was the first extra thing in WOMANTHOLOGY: SPACE that I found actually helpful and informative. Van Baarle starts with a rough sketch and ends with a fully rendered, beautiful digital painting of a girl sitting on a bus with her pet goldfish.