Ashley Neuhaus 18-OCT-2012 Out this week is the next issue of WOMANTHOLOGY: SPACE. Compared to issue one, this second one was a let down for me. The stories from the first one were more emotional and resonated a bit with me. But these fell short. One of my disappointments was that there wasn’t another SPACE GIRLS strip from Stacie Ponder. In my review of the first issue, I said I would start off my review of this issue with my favorite part of the strip so here it goes: KITTEN BUTT! And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, then I suggest you go read issue one.

Writer: Blair Butler
Artist: Alicia Fernandez
Lettering: Rachel Deering

If you don’t know the story of Valentina Tereshkova then you will after reading Butler’s story. Tereshkova was the first woman in space when the Soviet Union launched the Volstok-6. To be honest, this story failed me on all levels. It read like a boring school paper. I know there are a lot of retelling of tales, especially these days, but they put a different spin on it or tell it from an interesting angle. There is nothing in this story that I couldn’t have gotten from Tereshkova’s Wikipedia page.

Fernandez’s art in this is not for me. Her DeviantArt page is listed in her little bio at the beginning of the issue so I looked it up. I was quite surprised at what I saw. I don’t know how old those pieces are but I really liked her illustrations and couldn’t believe they came from the same person that drew this story. It seems as though Fernandez’s strength lies with the more fantastical realm. Maybe this just wasn’t the right story for her to draw.

Writer: Joelle Sellner
Artist: Jean Kang
Lettering: Rachel Deering

I think I might have liked this story before even reading it because the main character, Chloe, has pink hair! It starts off with a daydream that is Chloe’s “happy place” where she runs her boss over with a convertible. I think that’s something we’ve all envisioned at one point or another in our employment history. It flows nicely into a day at the office with Chloe but something is amiss with her boss and coworkers. It’s up to her and coworker Riley to figure out what’s wrong. If you liked the movie, The Faculty, then I think this is a story you’ll enjoy.

The art is a bit cartoon-y and amateurish. Kang overuses heavy lines to show action and movement in the second half of the story. I also feel as though the designs of the aliens could have been more detailed.

Writer: Ellise Heiskell
Artist: Maarta Laiho

This was easily my favorite story of the three but I’m biased because it’s about cats. Earth is once again being invaded but this time, it’s not the humans that are sought after, it’s cats! Heiskell does a great job with capturing the essence of cats in this. I found myself laughing and nodding along at the five constants of all cats no matter where in the universe they’re from. If you’ve ever owned a cat or spent long periods of time with a cat, you will too. The only issue I had with this story is that the narrator switches a couple of times and I was found myself really confused as to who was supposed to be the narrator and when.

What I really loved was all of Laiho’s designs for the different species of felines represented. These pages make me wish I had a big piece of land so I could just have one of each of them.

by Devin Grayson

I’m not sure how good this is as a “how-to” but merely just showing a sample script. It’s a funny sample script and I love it because again, there’s a cat involved. And Grayson hits the nail on the head with how a cat just doesn’t care what its human wants.

The best part about this issue were the pinups at the end. I’m really hoping that issue three doesn’t let me down like this one.