Ashley Neuhaus 10-OCT-2012 This year at Baltimore Comic Con I had the pleasure of meeting Nicolas Dedual at a dinner get together with the Comics Experience gang. I am an honorary member of that wonderful family. They are a lovely bunch of people and the group keeps growing every time I see them. While chatting, Nicolas told me about his comic, TORCHBEARER, that he was working on with artist Dennis Calero so I told him to send me over a copy of issue one when it was all finished. He did and it did not disappoint. Comics Experience really knows how to cultivate the future of comics.

Writer: Nicolas Dedual
Artist: Dennis Calero

Letterer: Kevin Lintz
Editor: M.I. Annoni

TORCHBEARER will be published by Dedual’s own company, Odd Truth, Inc. The story is a familiar one: big bad corporation trying to take over things while the little guys try to lead a resistance. This one is heavy with ancient Greek influence from the city (Hyperia) to the characters names (Falios, Cayoti). And what name would be fitting for the evil corporation other than Prometheus? The company has three laboratories bombed but what was being done in those factories is human manufacturing. If you know your Greek mythology then you know that Prometheus is a Titan given the credit of creating man from clay along with stealing fire for man’s use.

There’s a lot of secrecy going on in this issue and not everyone is who they say they are. Dennis Calero’s heavy inks lend greatly to all the sneaking around that is happening. He’s really brought to life the futuristic world that Dedual has created in TORCHBEARER. I’m very much looking forward to issue two and seeing more from this team.

Print copies of TORCHBEARER #1 have been sent to the printer and should be available at NYCC, booth 768. But if you can’t wait until then to read this issue then it is available at Graphicly and in iBookstore.