DEC, 2010 – Now that more than six issues of THE SIXTH GUN are available, I tackled reviewing the first story arc which will undoubtedly be released this year as a trade paperback by Oni Press. Issues #1-6 are highlighted in this video and my written review at Dynamic Forces. While it’s not my favorite supernatural western, I certainly enjoyed it enough to want to continue following Drake Sinclair on his adventures with these mystical revolvers.

Excerpt from – Overall, the discovery of the Generals guns and his bodys recovery and subsequent revitalization are well told through the six issues. Its a fun read and easily suitable for readers teen+ due to the heavy violence and the early issues lean towards horror.


Rating: 8/10

* If not for the confusion of double-page spreads, the visuals are engaging and would be nicely suited for the story.
* Although its a bit horror but mostly western, the color palette tends to keep the story just above a real scare factor for anyone that just isnt in the mood for fright.
* Writer Cullen Bunn isnt exactly new on the scene but itsThe Sixth Gun that is making him a recognizable name in the industry in the genre of supernatural westerns which is a smokin hot trend.