Ashley Neuhaus 3-OCT-2012 One of the companies that you all should be keeping an eye on is 215ink. You might already be familiar with the name from last month when Amber interviewed Mike Perkins on episode 1226 of VODKA O’CLOCK. I saw a tweet from creator Jeremy Holt calling for reviewers to check out the first issue of his new series SOUTHERN DOG before NYCC this year. I promptly sent Holt an e-mail to which he responded almost immediately with a link to the PDF.


Writer: Jeremy Holt
Artist: Alex Diotto
Colors: Adam Metcalfe
Cover: Riley Rossmo
Letters: Ed Brisson
Design: Tim Daniel

I have yet to be disappointed by a book from 215ink and SOUTHERN DOG is no exception. Starting right off the bat with the cover by Riley Rossmo, you’re hit with a somewhat chaotic image including the Confederate flag, werewolves, and a young man’s face. As if growing up isn’t hard enough as it is, this is a story about a high school kid growing up in the south and facing all the hatred and racism. Jasper is different from his family and others in his town. He doesn’t subscribe to the same racism that floods his history classroom or which sits at the dinner table with him. It’s not even just the white citizens of his town that spew hate, Jasper also faces disdain from some of his black classmates in this issue.

Alex Diotto’s art in this book is really great and complements Holt’s writing well. You can see the despair in characters’ faces and also the pure hate and evilness of some of the town’s citizens. Adam Metcalfe did a nice job with the coloring of the issue. The only problem I had with it is at times the highlights in some scenes seemed off and not fluid like it is in other panels.

On a hunting trip with his father, brother, and some politicians, Jasper encounters a danger that will change his life and present him with a new set of problems and certainly more hatred to be slung his way. If you’re going to NYCC, I recommend stopping by the 215ink booth, #2279, and picking up a copy of SOUTHERN DOG #1.