featurebanner_mockingbird_reviewAshley Neuhaus We here at AmberUnmasked are no strangers to Chuck Wendig and his brilliance. He was our favorite blogger/tweeter/god of 2012 after all. I finally got a chance to read MOCKINGBIRD which is the follow up novel to BLACKBIRDS. I might have fallen a bit in love with Miriam Black in the first book and only after a page and a half into MOCKINGBIRD, I was reminded of that love.

Mockingbird-72dpiThis novel picks up with Miriam and Louis settled down, as much as they can be, in New Jersey. Miriam’s got a job at the local supermarket where she’s got an overbearing manager who is always hanging over her shoulder it seems. She’s trying to keep her ability in check by wearing gloves but when she touches Peggy, the manager, and sees that she is going to die in three minutes. She takes action and this sets her down a road that reveals more about her than we’ve seen before.

What really surprised me most about MOCKINGBIRD was the fact that I found myself getting teary eyed and even crying at some points. Despite how bat-shit crazy Miriam is, Wendig makes you feel for her at certain points in the novel. It’s quite poetic in how he describes her at times.

It’s like a moth – touch a moth and a powder comes off the wings, and once that powder’s off, the moth can no longer fly.
The powder, she thinks, is off her wings.

But those internal moments where we get a glimpse as to how Miriam’s feeling don’t detract from her always colorful verbal skills.

“Ah. I like my coffee like I like my men. Hot, black, and coming down my throat.”

There is not a page in this novel that disappoints me. Wendig is a brilliant wordsmith and he continues to surprise me with this character and the world he’s created for her. The situations that Miriam gets into and how she manages herself is perfect. Does she make the best decisions? Probably not. But that’s part of her dark charm and Wendig keeps up the pace with MOCKINGBIRD. I personally couldn’t be more excited for the third installment of this series.

You can find Mr. Wendig at his blog: terribleminds
And on Twitter: @ChuckWendig

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