Ashley Neuhaus 24-OCT-2012 A brand new miniseries from Brea and Zane Grant gets under way this week. LET’S PLAY GOD mixes murder into the punk scene of Portland, OR. The series, published by IDW Publishing, is set to be four issues long. I wasn’t sure how I was going to react to this issue because though the Grant siblings are sweet people to chat with, I have yet to be won over by their comics work. But issue one of LET’S PLAY GOD has caught my attention and I’m in for its short run. It’s murder and tattooed punk chicks, what’s not to love?! 

Written by Brea and Zane Grant
Art by EricJ
Letters by Neil Uyetake
Editorial Assists by Jacen Smith
Edits by Denton J. Tipton 

The issue opens on a beautiful view of Portland lit up at night and narration condemning our main characters when we haven’t even met them yet. Then we meet them: a trio of tattooed punk girls rehearsing for their band, Doomed Earth. Mel and Billy seem to really encapsulate the punk attitude not just with their appearance but also in their language while Kira, the drummer, almost seems out of sorts with them.

While getting ready to leave the rooftop after having a drink, Mel sees a guy taking pictures, a la Rear Window. Unlike Jimmy Stewart’s character though, this peeping Tom is the one to die and Mel is a witness to it. After calling 911, Mel heads over to see if she can help in any way and is greeted by a friend who may or may not be the masked attacker. By the end of this issue, Mel is left with a lot of questions and she’s got three more issues to get answers and stay alive.

I like the set up of this issue and how Brea and Zane leave it open as to who the killer could be. I’m really intrigued to see how they’re going to pull this mystery off in only four issues to be honest. One thing that really made me laugh was Mel inviting the girls for a drink and saying that Four Lokos being banned in three states. I haven’t heard the mention of Four Lokos in quite a while so it was a bit amusing to see it brought up again.

EricJ’s art is strong in this issue. His heavy inks give it a real strong noir feeling and the coloring adds to the punk edge that Brea and Zane are trying to create. EricJ does an amazing job with facial expressions. When Mel is on the phone with 911, you can really see her fear and worry. I was unfamiliar with him before this issue but I think I’m a fan of EricJ.

In addition to a regular cover for this issue there is also a signed edition of the same cover available.