Ashley Neuhaus 22-AUG-2012 We’re almost at the end of the ride that is DEADWORLD: WAR OF THE DEAD from IDW. It’s been a new, strange ride through the zombie apocalypse. With just one issue to come out next week, I really wonder how this is all going to end. Issue four has left me with some ideas of what could happen but I’m also wondering how Gary Reed is going to wrap this up

Writer: Gary Reed
Artist: Sami Makkonen
Letters: Nate Pride
Editor: Tom Waltz

The very first page of this issue is a scene between Dan and Rand in a graveyard. We’ve seen bodies being burned which is typical for disposal in these types of stories but it’s not too often that actual graveyards with markers are shown. Sami Makkonen’s art really shines in the first few pages when the pair are talking and Rand flashes back to his life before he was experimented on. The darkness of the art lends greatly to the tone that Reed is trying to convey.

There’s no real action in this issue which doesn’t bother me. The band of humans and lepers have been presented with a deal and they either have to take it or not. So what this issue is about is how our cast is weighing on things and trying to figure out just what exactly King Zombie’s endgame is.

In issue three, I really found myself liking the character of Bowker when he was making his deal. His speech about reproducing enough humans to eventually make a change and come out on top made me believe that maybe he wasn’t all bad. But in this issue, I don’t see that in him or maybe it was just a facade to get Rand’s crew to surrender. This issue seems to focus more on Donna after she was almost completely absent from issue three. As a half human-half zombie, she’s bound to be of some importance and by the end of issue four, Reed shows us what her role is in the DEADWORLD. I have my suspicions on how this will play out. And luckily I only have to wait a week to see if I’m correct!