Ashley Neuhaus 15-AUG-2012 We’re at the halfway point of the weekly series DEADWORLD: WAR OF THE DEAD and we finally see the attack that King Zombie has been planning. I didn’t get as much action from the fight as I wanted, but then again, how much serious action can there be when one fighting side is a bunch of mindless zombies? Issue three offered somewhat of a letdown to me until the end.

Writer: Gary Reed
Artist: Sami Makkonen
Letters: Nate Pride
Editor: Tom Waltz

Gary Reed has definitely done something for the zombie genre with this series. Usually with stories of the zombie apocalypse, it’s all about the humans interacting with each other and killing the undead once in a while. But in DEADWORLD, Reed gives us two warring groups both of which are comprised of humans AND zombies. If you’re of sound mind, you’d ask yourself why on earth humans would team up with zombies. Well, in one camp there’s Rand who is kind and willing to coexist peacefully to help the humans and their cause. In the other camp is King Zombie who, as seen in issue two, has a plan to harvest humans to feed to his army. And King Zombie’s right hand man? A human soldier named Bowker who seems more than happy to help the King kill humans.

When Bowker is sent to communicate with Rand and the resistance, I got really confused as to who was talking and what exactly they were talking about. I think it had more to do with Makkonen’s art and how similar the men look but it also seemed that they were having several different conversations at once. Since a lot of the focus of this issue was on the zombies and the battle, I didn’t mind the dark, scratchy art as much in this issue except when Bowker was delivering his message.

The greatest part of this issue, and the series so far, was Bowker and how my opinion of him has changed somewhat by the end of the issue. Pick up issue three, read it and see if you’re in agreement with me.