Ashley Neuhaus 08-AUG-2012 This week’s issue of DEADWORLD: WAR OF THE DEAD by IDW Publishing was far more enjoyable for me than last week’s.  But before I get into that, I would like to apologize to our readers. This series is my first experience with the DEADWORLD universe and was unaware that it existed prior to WALKING DEAD so I misspoke on the subject of Donna vs. Michonne in my review of issue one (Thanks Robert W. who pointed this out to me!).

Writer: Gary Reed
Artist: Sami Makkonen
Letters: Nate Pride
Editor: Tom Waltz

After reading issue one, I was a bit more familiar with Reed’s writing and how he shifts scenes so I wasn’t as rattled this time around. Obviously everything isn’t going to be divulged in Issue One because then there’s no mystery or discovery involved with a series but things start to become more clear in this issue. Reed addresses the issue of guns and ammunition and their importance in this universe but he also brings up the subject of sanitation. Sure, there’s always the question of what to do with all the bodies but Rand reveals that damage has already been done by them.

The art of Makkonen is perfect for this universe, but as I’ve said previously, it’s not a style I find myself drawn to often. The faces of human characters seem off and somewhat flat to me. At certain points throughout the issue, I feel like a distortion effect has been placed on the page, pulling characters and stretching them. The zombies and Deake though, are strong in terms of art for me.

I still find it a bit alarming that there is a King Zombie in this version of the zombie apocalypse. Nevertheless, in this issue, Reed shines a light on King Zombie’s plans and also Deake’s important role in all of it. With this reveal, I couldn’t help but imagine Deake as an old, withered version of Bruce Campbell from the EVIL DEAD film series.

With the curtains drawn back a bit more, our gang of humans and lepers are gearing up for a battle that is likened to The Battle of Agincourt. Let’s hope that the good guys have the same outcome as the English had.